About Little Lands

Little Lands began in 2019 when I was at home looking after my two small boys and just couldn’t find beautiful things for my home, that served the needs of my children too. So like lots of Mums do, I made what I wanted myself!

It began with one Booksling to hold my boys books in the front room, then as the book selection grew, so did our Booksling collection. Then I started making them for friends too, we all had preschoolers at the time and as I got more and more fab feedback I thought this might be a great business. I had spent 15 years working for a big food retailer and needed a little something for my brain to be busy with and to feel a little bit of the creativity I enjoyed in free time before children.

I absolutely love making all the things I make now, sewing has become a real passion of mine. I love to think of how your children will use them and hope that I can help, in some small way, their love of reading to begin.

Reusable Wipes came about when I couldn’t bear to throw out a single scrap of fabric leftover! Initially I made some large ones for the boys in the bath as flannels to encourage a little more than the cursory wash they did. Now I make them for adults to. Large wipes save on the cost and the throwing away of kitchen roll and plastic sponges, small for mucky hands and faces, cleansing and make up removal. Just pick your print! I like to think it’s my way of doing something good for the environment, saving waste from my business and in your home.

Anyway, if you got this far, thanks so much for taking a look around at Little Lands. I would love to hear what you think and if you want to see a bit more of what I get up to every day, see new designs and sales, then do follow me over on Instagram and Facebook @littlelandschildren 

All the very best, Lizzie