Frequently Asked Questions

Here I hope to answer any questions you may be pondering, but if you can’t find what you want to know please feel free to drop me an email on

Do you ship worldwide?

I sadly don’t from this website because boy is it complicated now we left the EU for a small business! However I do ship worldwide through Etsy as they do all the complex stuff for me so I know I am following all the rules. Just search for ‘LittleLandsChildren’ (no spaces) as that’s my shop name on there and up will pop all the glorious goodies you have seen here. I am so sorry for the extra step you have to take, but really appreciate you doing so.

Do you make custom Bookslings?

If you have a fabric in mind, or perhaps a theme in your nursery that none of my current designs quite fit then please drop me an email at and we can discuss fabric options. If you know exactly what you want I shall check the fabrics suitability and availability, and if you need some guidance I will look for samples for you until we find just what you are hoping for. The cost of custom work varies, mainly due to fabric costs but I will always be upfront so you know how much you are looking at.

How many books does a Booksling hold?

The Bookslings are the perfect size for babies and preschoolers to use, although both my children still use theirs every day and are at school now. I suggest keeping 20-30 books in them so that your child can see the front cover of each book in part at least. It’s the covers and the recognition of the fun story or images it contains which will keep them coming back time and time again. If you are lucky enough to have a large book collection why not have one in the bedroom for quieter bedtime books and one in the playroom for the livelier more energetic books? Or two side by side? If you have tonnes of books like we do you will find your child adds to the range you have left for them in there. I like to swap around out collection, themed to the season, or activities we are up to, or things they are especially interested in. This way they stay fresh and exciting, keeping them coming back for more each day.

Do you make the frames too?

I don’t. I buy the frames from a wholesaler, checking each one over before I send them off to you, having added in the beautiful fabric liner you have chosen and packing them super carefully so they arrive in mint condition. The sides are made of MDF coated in white plasticised paint so they withstand the use of children. The poles between are solid wood, coated in the same paint. 

How do I qualify for wholesale prices?

I currently only wholesale Reusable Wipes, so in the first instance just drop me an email at and we can talk about what you are after. Generally I can offer competitive wholesale prices to suit your businesses size and requirements and offer an option for a smaller first order for you to test your market.